New Patients

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Care

We are physicians and medical personnel who specialize in ailments in a child’s ears, nose and throat. We’re different than pediatricians and family physicians because most of our training and surgical experience is focused on systems in the head – how they function indepently and how they work together. Our doctors are known as otolaryngologist.

Why see an ENT?

If your child experiences sinus conditions, recurring ear infections or swallowing problems, the most common ENT issues, we can help. For acute conditions, such as removing a foreign object from a child’s ear or nose, we can treat that as well. Coming to us instead of visiting an emergency room is why we’re here. You can make an appointment with us directly because a referral from your child’s doctor is not required.

Your First Visit

The most important visit is your first. Prepare accordingly to make the most of your initial consultation.

  • Complete the New Patient Forms

    Bring the completed New Patient Form and the Medical Records Request to your appointment. If you’re unable to complete these documents beforehand, please arrive 20 early.

  • Bring a picture ID and health insurance card.
  • Bring a list of medications.

    Have the name and the dosage your child is taking.

  • Bring your notes regarding your child’s condition.
    When did the issue begin? How has it been treated? How often does it occur?
  • Parent attendance

    We encourage a parent to be present. If unavailable, a signed consent form must be presented beforehand.

  • Cancellation policy is 24-48 hours
    Please notify us if you have to reschedule, so we may offer this vacant appointment time to another patient.
  •  Late arrivals
    Tardiness beyond 15 minutes will result in a rescheduled appointment. 

Initial Exam

Hearing tests are conducted first. If your child is being seen for hearing issues, the audiologist conducts a hearing test first, then reports the result to the doctor, who is able to discuss it with you. Health Stastics are taken, such as height, weight and temperature. Medical personnel will also note the medical issue and list of medications so the doctor is fully informed. Medical Exam is conducted by a physician, who will discuss the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

After the Visit

We provide new patients instructions for maintaining their child’s health. Your role is to follow those guidelines and note any changes or issues.

  • Follow-up Exam
    Based upon the doctor’s recommendations, a follow-up visit is scheduled. 
  • Medical Report

    Our staff provides your child’s pediatrician a report of the results of the initial consultation. No reports are submitted thereafter.



  • Surgery
    If your child is a candidate for surgery, you may schedule the operation at the time of your visit. Our surgical coordinator relays the dates and times available.
    Information about the type of surgery your child needs and how to prepare for it are located here.

New Patient Forms

New Patient Form
Medical Records Request


Preparing for your visit