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Our Specialty

We’re different than pediatricians and family physicians because most of our training and surgical experience is focused on systems in the head – how a child’s ears, nose and throat function independently and how they work together.

Our Medical Staff

Pediatric Ears, Nose & Throat (PENT) was founded in 1992 by Dr. Bonilla and Dr. Moe. They are highly accredited surgical physicians, and they, along with our Spanish-speaking staff help patients progress to wellness.

New Patients

The most important visit is your first. Prepare accordingly to make the most of your initial consultation.
Complete the New Patient Forms
Bring a picture ID and health insurance card.
Bring a list of medications.

Initial Exam

Hearing Tests are conducted first.
Health Statics are taken, such as height, weight and temperature.
Medical Exam is done by a physician, who will discuss the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

After the Visit

Follow-up Exam is scheduled, if needed.
Medical Report is sent to your child’s pediatrician.
Surgery, if needed is scheduled at the time of your visit.

Patient Documents

New Patient: NP ppkwk Spanish

Ear Infection: Acerca de Infecciones en el Oído

Adenoidectomy: Información acerca de la Adenoidectomía

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy: Amigdalectomía


Preparing for your visit