Dr. R. Donald Moe

Dr. Juan

Hailing from Houston, Dr. Moe earned a B.A. in biochemistry, with honors from the University of Texas at Austin and graduated from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. He spent time in sunny Honolulu for medical training at the Tripler Army Medical Center and thereafter practiced as a general otolaryngologist in Fairbanks before fulfilling a fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology for the Harvard Medical School at the Children’s Hospital in Boston.  

Dr. Moe also served in the U.S. Army Reserve, ranked as major in the U.S. Army Medical Corp and served as a faculty member of the Madigan Army Medical Center. 

Dr. Moe partnered with Dr. Bonilla in 1992 to establish PENT. He’s conducted expert clinical research in acute supperative otitis media and his specialties include airway disorders and otology.